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80's floor workout

"It's the hippest hip workout around. Jay Leno makes jokes about it in his monologue.
It's been mentioned in the "Cathy" comic strips. Undoubtedly, it has become part of pop culture.

It's "Buns of Steel."









Hey, all my Original Buns of Steel friends...the following are a sampling of emails sent to me over the past few months...please feel free to e-mail me with your comments and email address is Enjoy your workouts and spread the word!


Hi Greg, Just wanted to tell you..

I was taking a long good workout walk today and was thinking of your 80's workout and wishing I had it! I threw out my old VHS machine years ago! I decided before getting in the shower to see if you had updated it onto DVD and found you! I ordered it immediately. I can't tell you....after years of trying to find a workout that just works and makes me feel good....yours is the BEST! I've missed you! Thank you with all my heart!

I started using the Original Buns of Steel in 1998 and was hooked!

You really can feel something happening right away, While I slack from time to time, this is my go to video for getting ready for swim suit season. I have warn out 2 VHS tapes over the years and have been stalking the Internet for it to be available on DVD for years. FINALLY! I just saw it and ordered it immediately. Thank you so much for making it available on DVD. I've tried the other like videos and nothing compares! I recommend it to all my friends. Just gotta push past the first 3 days! Thanks again!


Been using Buns of Steel since the tape came out!

I've tried many exercise videos in my day and this is the one that I always go back to. It's not that easy in the beginning, but if you stick with it, in no time at all you will see a lifted, tight bum and sexy toned legs. I think Greg is kind of cute too, and I've never got tired af his cheezy lines..."we're trying to look good for ourselves, and for the people we haven't even met yet!"


I have been doing this video for the past couple of months and I am a huge fan!

It goes by fast and always makes you Greg Smithey puts it, "you know something is happening down there". The impact is felt almost immediately and at a comfortable pace. I've been going crazy lately trying to find videos that are at a good pace and well-instructed. It is funny that my favorite so far has been one produced back in 1987. I've talked to people about it and they say it is the best one out of all the Buns of Steel videos. If you are looking for an impressive workout and with a bit of a challenge...GO FOR IT!


My ten year wedding anniversary...

is coming up and I'm going on vacation to a tropical place which requires a swim suit (yikes) so I'm hitting up the Buns of Steel REALLY hard!! Thanks again. Best exercise tape I've ever done.


The results are amazing!

I've done your workout three times a week for about a year now. Just wanted to tell you, I enjoy it every time I do it ! Thank you. I've lost 47 pounds and gained self esteem. Thank you again.


My Stress Management class...

in school does your Buns of Steel DVD quite frequently for a workout...guess what? It works!


Hi there Greg, Happy and 56 today...

I am super impressed with how fast you got my order out !! Thanks, I'm looking forward to working with your system...Our daughter, who is working on her Doctorate in PT recommended your DVD as the best to work with according to how the body is designed.


You changed my physique...

I wish I had a before and after picture. I am now 52 and everyone says I look like I'm 32. Thanks for your great video and for changing my caboose !


Just wanted to thank you for finally putting this on DVD!

I bought this tape when I had just got out of high school ( I'm 35 ) and I loved it !! The tape got worn out and old, and I only have a DVD player now, so I was happy to find this !!!! It was long over due !!!! Now I can start using this workout again. May I remind you, this is the only one that gives me results !!!! So a BIG HUG and THANK YOU!!!!!


The results have truly been extraordinary..

not even marathon training put my legs and buns in such great shape so quickly. Best of all about these exercises is the fact that they provide virtually NO STRESS on sensitive knees....You are awesome and your workout is life changing!!!


I have had this tape since it came out!

I've tried other workout videos/dvds and nothing works as good as this one. It is an awesome tape and I haven't found another that delivers quite this good or fast!


I've loved this workout for over 10 years!

I used to use this tape during junior high, early in the morning before school... re-discovering my old tape after college...and I've been religiously using this tape currently. The great cheezy lines and 80's leotards keep me amused throughout the video..."squeeze those cheezeburgers out of those thighs"...Greg is quite energetic through the whole workout. And I simply love what he says to keep you motivated. Greg makes you feel good throughout the whole workout "you know it feels good, if you know why you're doing it!" This is an effective workout and just a classic. There's something about the combination of what Greg says, in addition to a great workout, and the visual of this 80's video that makes it so awesome.


Buns of Steel with Greg Smithey is just wonderful!

I have worked out my whole life at home trying every video that came out starting with Jane Fonda, Richard Simmons, Denise Austin and many others...and nothing gave me the results that this tape did! Greg gives funny and encouraging comments that really put a smile on my face and made me want to keep going. This workout is just perfect and very enjoyable due to Greg's humor. Just try it, you will love it! Expect results!