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Buns Frequently Asked Questions

Greg Smithey buns of steel faq

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Ask Greg Smithey

Creator of the Original Buns Of Steel

Could you provide a brief summary regarding the Original Buns of Steel workout, and the experience, education and certification of the instructor, Greg Smithey ?
The Original Buns of Steel is devoted to strengthening, tightening, toning and shaping the Buns, Thighs and Legs. ( Greg also adds a little Abs and Arms challenge.)

Through a tough, yet effective series of dynamic and energizing exercises, following a brief aerobic warm-up, Greg Smithey, former World Class Pole Vaulter, leads you on the road to a tighter, stronger and more toned, lower half. Greg incorporates the lower body strengthening exercises he used to train for vaulting, into his demanding, targeted routine. Once you see the remarkable results, all your hard work, commitment and dedication, will be well worth the effort !

Greg Smithey has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Physical Education from Idaho State University and a Masters degree in Education from the University of Idaho. Greg was the Big Sky Conference Pole Vault Champion and record holder in 1972, as well as Assistant Track Coach at the University of Idaho in 1977. Greg has also held teaching positions at the Elementary, Middle, and High School levels. Greg has been certified by the International Dance Exercise Association as a fitness instructor. The Original Buns of Steel video was produced at Greg's Hip Hop Aerobics Club in Anchorage, Alaska in 1987.
For maximum results, How many times a week should I workout to my Original Buns of Steel DVD?
Based upon past testimonials and common sense, I would say around three times a week. Although, if you have a real "BUN EMERGENCY" and can make the commitment to a little added discomfort...(you know something is happening down there)...Five days a week for a few weeks and then back off to around three times a week would be great!
When can I expect to see visible results?

Depending on your dedication and commitment to the Original Buns of Steel workout, you should see results within a few weeks.
Why are my muscles so sore after doing the Original Buns of Steel workout, and how long will it last?
First, you are exercising muscles that have been on vacation for quite a long time. Now it's time to go to work so you can look great for yourself and those you don't even know yet! Initial muscle soreness is normal since the floor workout is mainly anaerobic, in other words, without oxygen, as opposed to cardio or aerobic, as in running. As you proceed through several weeks with the workout, the soreness will fade and you will start looking and feeling great!
The Original Buns of Steel workout has a short aerobic (cardio) warm up section. Can I skip the warm up and just go straight to the floor workout?

The DVD has two chapters, standing warm up and the floor workout. If you decide to skip the DVD'S warm up, it would be advisable to do some sort of alternative warm up in it's place. Here are a few ideas, walk in place and do some of the arm exercises seen on the DVD warm up, ride a stationary bike, go jogging, you get the picture. Warming up your basic core muscles will increase your overall exercise experience in a very positive way. This part also helps in weight loss! You do want to see results, don't you?

I need Buns of Steel! But I also need to lose some weight, actually quite a bit of weight. Can you help me?

OK here it is...If you are going to dedicate and commit yourself to doing the Original Buns of Steel workout consistently, you must realize that all of the work that you put into this challenging and intensely targeted routine without using good common sense eating habits is dumb, dumb, dumb!!! Enough said.