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Buns of steel can be dangerous during thunderstorms


The Original Buns Of Steel Workout


In a studio, far, far away in a place of mountains, snow and northern lights there exists a workout like no other... and it is known throughout the land as Buns of Steel!


This incredible lower body program was created by Anchorage Alaska Hip Hop Aerobics Club owner / instructor Greg Smithey, as an alternative to traditional aerobics programs...



It’s a typical night at the Hip Hop. The parking lot is full. A sign hangs on the door to the studio...“Sorry class is full.”


Inside, around a hundred men and women, young and old, eagerly await the enterance of Dr. Buns, Professor of Bunology, Prince of Pain and Master of Masochism.


In a few moments the wait is over and the fun begins...the Bunmaster appears...a cassette tape in one hand and a long leather whip in the other (it’s only a prop!).


After a few minutes the class is aroused from their sitting positions as a few instructions and appropriate warnings are given to first time visitors.


It takes only a few moments before the entire class is up and roaring with enthusiasm, hands clapping, and bodies pulsing to the excellent upbeat music from the four large speakers overhead...


The warmup has begun and soon everyone will be back on the studio floor feasting on a menu of lower leg, hip, thigh, and bun exercises delightfully prepared and enthusiastically served.


The studio lights are dimmed, the stage is lit and for the next 50 minutes the Bunmaster goes to work...encouraging and motivating everyone through each of over 50 seperate exercises designed to sculpt and strengthen the lower legs, hips, thighs and buns into submission.


Throughout the studio the Bunmaster’s voice can be heard... “beautiful legs...beautiful those beautiful legs....and don’t forget to squeeze those cheeseburgers out of those thighs and that carrot cake...and those french fries!”


When it’s over, everyone, without a doubt knows what it’s like to experience the incredible Original Buns of Steel workout!!!


Original Promotional Flyer Circa 1987

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